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PDFMonkey uploader

PDFMonkey uploader


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This plugin has been designed to generate and download a PDF from the PDFMonkey platform.

With the "Upload" action, you will be able to send images, data, and up to three lists to PDF Monkey to generate your PDF using the templates created in your PDFMonkey account!

With the "Uploaded" workflow, trigger the actions you'll need once the PDF is uploaded! Like adding it to a user or attaching it to an email!

Other data are directly recoverable in the visual elements of Bubble:

  • PDF is loading, allows you to know if the PDF is being downloaded.
  • Has an error, if an error has detected, you’re known.
  • Bubble file URL, the URL of your PDF in the Bubble asset manager.

NB: Images should not exceed 500kb in order not to slow down the sending.

NB : if you put a list, fill in all fields: name, source and selected fields.

For more information about the PDFMonkey API, please see this page :

If you have any difficulty with the plugin, you can contact us at 😉.

How to use it

1. Register on PDFMonkey with this link

page insscription de

2. Make PDF model on it

3. Install your PDFMonkey API key from your account to the Bubble plugin page

4. Add the PDFMonkey Uploader element in your page and resize it width and height to 0px

5. Setup “Upload” action and the triggered workflow “Uploaded” in the workflow panel

  1. And voilà ! Now you can download your PDF